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Get to know me:

I joined my local go-ride club at 8 years old.  It started out as something to do at the weekend, get me out the house, keep active, learn new skills, and make some new friends.  As I enjoyed it more I started to race too.  I had a few decent results, and it was in 2019 when I did my first full season of cyclocross I discovered that if I did some training that I had some potential.  Coming into 2020 I sort of made my own training plan from bits I had found online and stuck to that, with the plan being having a strong winter being ready for the road season as my last year as an Under 16 rider.  In March that plan came to an abrupt stop and with GCSE's cancelled I rode my bike most days from March until September when I went back to school.  In May of that year, I found myself a coach who set me a training plan and some structured training that I had not done before.  2021 was the first time I had trained well during the winter and come into the year planning to do more than the local Spring in the park series at Cyclopark.  For the first time I would be doing National level events both in the Junior series as well as road races, again something that I had not done before.  2021 was a year where I learnt far more than I thought I would but knew that this was key to progress into 2022.  For 2022 I had changed teams and coach from the previous year something which I thought about carefully and knew that it would be in the interest of my progression as a rider.  I had a much bigger and stronger winter than the previous year, which had its own challenges trying to balance the increased training and the demands of my final year of 6th form.  The season got off to a slow start at round one on the Junior National series with me not finishing due to having COVID-19 which initially I thought was just a winters cold!  As the year progressed some better results started coming and it was in the summer when I did my first bits in Belgium that I got some results I was happy with.  The notable ones being a 12th, 5th, and 3rd in some large field sizes. When I finished 6th Form back at the end of June this marked the beginning of me becoming a full time cyclist.  The deal with my Parents was that as long as I got my predicted grades for my subject, meaning that if cycling does not work out I have the option to go and do a University course then I could spend my first years as an Under 23 rider training full time without having to balance anything else, giving myself the best possible chance of achieving this dream of mine.  

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