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One of my partner's for the 2023 season is Peter Mercer Soft Tissue Therapy.

 Peter is a fully qualified soft tissue therapist offering sports massages and other techniques to help sportspeople like myself recover from training, as well as ordinary people who just have a busy life style and sometimes have aches and pains that they need attending too.  The regular treatments to help to maintain my musculoskeletal system which keeps everything moving properly and  helps prevents injuries.  The treatments have included sports massage, myofascial cupping, kinesiology taping and remedial exercise prescription all to help keep me in the best shape on my bike.  The link to Peter's website is below. 

Another one of my partners for the 2023 season is Pedal Potential.  They are an organisation that helps young riders like myself financially as cycling is not a cheap sport.  As well as the financial help there is also a large amount of experience and a big network of people that I will be able to tap into which is just as important for me as a rider.  Something I am very much looking forward to and excited to see what it brings in the future.

Let’s Work Together

If you would like to possibly form a partnership with myself do not hesitate to contact me below, either via my email or one of my social media accounts.

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