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A bit of a quiet one

The start of August welcomed a little training camp/family holiday to Italy staying on Lake Maggiore. A week of basically just riding up mountains in the sun, what more could you ask for? It was good to get some decent training done before returning to racing again.

Although with that said there were only two races this month that I did, a Surrey League and the Victor Berlemont Road Race.

The Surrey League was being held on the same course as Regional champs. Typical British summer with the weather being a bit off and rain greeting us intermittently throughout. It was a fast race, lapping the same times if not a little bit quicker on some than Regional Championships back in June. This race was not as long as regionals as it was only 90km, however with this said the race had a higher average speed of 2kph compared to when it was run in 2022. Myself and Adam racing this one. I was trying to get up the road with some others and on a few occasions, but unfortunately it did not quite work out, with a lap or so to go Adam got up the road with three others so the final of the race for me was coving moves for anyone trying to jump across, in which they didn’t, and Adam came home 4th with myself 11th.

The Victor Berlemont was the next race on the calendar. 186km Nat B, longest race by far that I would have ever ridden by a around 40km so was for sure going to be an interesting day. Solid field of riders too and I was interested to see how it would be raced for something of this distance. I do not know why I thought any different, but as soon as the flag dropped it just lit up and was quite quick. On the first lap a group of riders got up the road and then the main bunch split again with another small group getting away, leaving three groups on the road. Groups two and three nearly came back together at one point, but the gap went back out again before some laps later when these groups came back as one, staying together for about a lap. An attack went of 5 guys initially and then myself and 3 others then bridged across to this group and were away for the final 30km. 8 guys had a decent sized gap in front of us, so we were racing for 9th, wasn’t quite to be not having it in the sprint coming in 15th. However, for the longest ever race I have done think there are many positives to take away as well as a load of learning points too.

The season now is coming into the final stages, not too many races left this year. But with this said September is looking good, with some trips to Belgium planned too.

As always a huge thank you to Project 51, Pedal Potential, and Peter Mercer Soft Tissue Therapy for the continued support.

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