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Back to Basics:

June has seen fewer road races and back to more of the one-hour crit circuit races throwing it back to the pre-junior/junior days.

The only road race of this month was the Southeast Regional Champs. A hot and long day out as well as being the longest race I’d ever done. It was an undulating circuit with no steep climb just two draggy climbs. It was going to be a race of many factors but the main one being the heat. It was a pretty disappointing day out, the break went and never came back and the group I was in was the typical attack and everyone chases but no one will pull turns so was a bit frustrating, tried to make the best of the situation however it wasn’t to be and crossed the line in 24th.

Circuit race wise I have done 5 this month at Cyclopark, Hove park twice, and Goodwood twice.

Cyclopark started as a quick race many attacks and in the last 5 laps or so two guys getting away, I managed to bridge across solo and ended up 2nd, decent effort to get across but couldn’t finish the job off which was disappointing.

Two events at Hove Park and the only two of the year which was a shame. The first time there I managed to get in the break quite early on with 5 other guys, rolling through. Trying a few times to get away but nothing sticking, sprint finish wasn’t to be and 5th it was. Arriving the second time knew I needed to get off the front again but the second time this wasn’t as easy, everything was getting chased back and quite a jumpy so was harder than I anticipated it would be. Roughly 25 minutes in someone attacked it got brought back and I went over the top and then two other riders came with me, and we just worked through and off for the remainder of the race. Coming into the final lap the three of us were still together and being a short lap wasn’t really the option to go long so had to back myself for the sprint and somehow I managed to win a sprint to give me my first win of the year which was quite cool.

Goodwood was an interesting race too, quite fast, wide, and quite exposed to the wind too. The two times I did it this month the wind was coming from the opposite direction each which changed it up a bit. Wind speed was never anything concerning but enough of a breeze so that you definitely knew when you were on the front in the head wind. Both races split right from the start too, with attacks right off of the line and a brutal hour to follow! My first race there I think it was 11 or so that made the first split, with numerous attacks going and coming back in the opening stages. With a solo rider out front myself and two other guys managed to slip off of the front of the group and then worked well with each other, in the following laps three other guys bridged across but this didn’t last long as I managed to get away with one other from the group and we worked well before catching the guy out front, Dan Gardner. The three of us working well together we entered the final lap, and Dan launched one up the road, hesitating a second too long I just couldn’t close the gap and was solo for a little bit on the last lap before seeing a group off four guys, including the person Dan and I were up the road with coming. Deciding to ease up a bit I got caught then sat on the back for a minute or so then went long as I didn’t back myself for the sprint. It nearly paid off, but I got well and truly rolled on the line ending up with 3rd.

For my second race there it sort of panned out the same way, split from the start however the difference being two people getting off the front and never coming back. A few breaks went and came back, as one was brought back with Isaac in it I attacked over the top and spent a little bit of time by myself before 3 riders bridging across, tried but couldn't bring the others back so like the week before but a little bit later I went early again this time managing not to get rolled which was a result in itself.

Adam and I after Hove Park

Goodwood, the week I wasn't rolled :)

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