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New year, new beginnings

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Yes, I have fallen into the trap of using the ever-famous new year’s quote of “New year, new beginnings”. By this for 2023 I have a new team and new coaches, yep not one but two, I will explain more about that later!

Starting with the team for 2023 I will be riding for Project 51. Being a first year Under 23 is quite a big step up from the junior category. Team wises there were a few different options available to me. Project 51 is not an Under 23 team. Based in the Southeast Region, Project 51 is dedicated to the complete coaching & development of bike racers. They pride ourselves on developing athletes throughout their whole journey. Along with this they also have a team made up of various members to some other Under 23 riders along with some senior riders too. The experience in the team from members is second to none as well, with Alan Denman who heads up the team having an unbelievable amount of experience and knowledge to help us riders be the best that we can be. There are many riders who have now progressed from the team into world tour and continental levelled riders, all of whom have worked closely with Alan along this journey. Something which I am very excited to be a part of and am looking forward to my progression as a rider within this team.

In terms of coaching as mentioned this year I have two coaches which is a great position for me to be in. One of them is Olly Moors who runs AO Cycling. Olly has raced at a high level out in Belgium as well as the UK riding for a number of great teams one of these being Ribble Weldite Pro Cycling. With this comes an array of experience that I can learn from and use to help develop me as a rider.

The second is Alan Denman. Alan is "The Boss" of Project 51 and has a vast variety of experience within cycling helping many riders achieve their goals. Olly was coached by Alan so the two of them have a great relationship which is great as this also helps me as a rider having two largely experienced people on myside looking after me and making sure that I am doing the correct things on this journey of mine, learning and developing as much as possible!

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